The goal is for successful plant selections and growth, thereby adding beauty and function to your environment. We analyze the nature, quality, and character of your site by observing surrounding features, the terrain, and existing vegetation. Form follows function in landscape architectural design and we will evaluate the viewshed, site orientation, solar, and soil factors. We recommend planting protocols for native seed species which includes a water regime recommendation during establishment. Natives are subject to climatic variables on their own however, to establish natives by design it is important to increase the odds for success early in the process. Once established, natives are tenacious. The optimum plant palate creates form within structured perimeters of fences, walls, and courtyards. Our services are the synergy of horticulture, agriculture, and Landscape Architecture.
We create spaces with native plants that add to your personal pleasure, the betterment of native flora and fauna and the enhanced value and use of your landscapes using native seeds and plants of Oregon.

• All services including consultation rates for land planting and design, native and various structural plant recommendations are as follows:
$125/hour for all services. I will come to your site within a 20-mile radius of McMinnville and our time begins when I arrive. Charges are the same for initial consultations or additional follow-up services. Minimum time for each visit is 2 hours. A plan-design can be drawn up or just a basic conceptual diagram or outline for you to implement. Plans and diagrams are an additional cost however, sometimes it only takes our time together at your site to get things going in the right direction.
Further site development is only as requested.

Tim McDaniel RLA